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      Find live music events of local up and coming bands across different genres like Metal, Punk, Rock, Alternative, Funk, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Progressive, Grunge, Blues, Jazz and more..

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      You are into a certain genre or era of music? Then find here theme parties where they play exatcly the music you like!

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      Find pub quizzes in Vienna where you can have a drink with your friends in a cosy pub while answering questions of the quiz master!

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      Looking for a stage to jam with fellow musicians or show off your talent weather it be music, comedy or otherwise? Then find here your next hosted event to make that happen!


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      Discover various venues in Vienna, including bars with live music, craft beer pubs, quiz nights and places with football tables. Check out reviews of spots where you can enjoy live bands, taste unique IPA's, test your trivia knowledge, and play a friendly game of foosball. Vienna offers a range of experiences for an enjoyable night out, whether you're into music, beer, games, or sports.